Get to Know Korea

Hello! If you are wanting to learn more about CAU and Korea, but are having difficulty finding sources in English, you have come to the right place! In this blog, you will find useful sources that offer news on campus life, current events, and more!

Other than having the fastest internet speeds in the world (on average), South Korea has a population of over 51 million people!  Chung-Ang University has a total population of over 21,000 students and a high rate of exchange students from over 40 countries. Before coming abroad, many may have questions about CAU and Korean society.  Therefore, here is a compilation of a few media sources that provide English articles about CAU and Korea.

For information specifically concerning Chung-Ang University:

CAU Exchange Blog

First and foremost,  CAU exchange students have the CAU Exchange Blog (where you are right now). This blog is dedicated to students, written by students, to provide useful, informative, and memorable articles/stories about life at Chung-Ang.

CAU Exchange blog


The CAU Herald

The Chung-Ang Herald is the school’s English newspaper, and it provides students with information concerning the campus, CAU alumni, Korean and international issues, as well as overall Korean culture.  CAU Herald also has a student writer, Hae Soo Hwang; a student at CAU and a global ambassador for exchange students. One can visit the website to view the latest articles, or pick up a physical copy at the news stands throughout campus.

CAU Herald


News and Notices

Chung-Ang University also has a ‘News and Notices’ section on their website where you can find current information about campus news and reminders.  

CAU News and Notices


For media sites that offer a variety of coverage in business, economics, current events, and more:

The Korea Times

The Korea Times is one of the three oldest English newspapers that provides the latest information about Korea. It was founded 67 years ago in 1950 by Helen Kim.

the korea times


Korea JoongAng Daily

Korea JoongAng Daily is another source that provides the latest news in English and is also associated with the New York Times. It is the English version of South Korea’s JoonAng Ilbo.

korea joonang daily


The Korea Economic Daily

The Korea Economic Daily provides articles focused on economic issues in Korea, and is widely read among Korean office workers and university students. They offer news in English, Korean, and Japanese. 

the korea economic daily



Koreana is focused on art, culture, nature, life, and literature. This news source is also published in nine different languages to accommodate various readers around the world! Koreana hopes to promote Korean arts and culture, and follow the Korea Foundation’s mission: “Connecting People, Bridging the World.”



Lastly, if you’re interested in learning about where to go on adventures in Seoul, or Korea in general, these English sources will provide you with such information and much more:


Visit Seoul

Visit Seoul offers travel information focusing on Seoul, South Korea’s capital. It offers a variety of sources from Top 10 Lists to ticket and hotel offers for their readers.

visit seoul


Visit Korea

Visit Korea offers information about the best places to go, and what not to miss out on while staying in Korea!

Visit Korea


If you are living in Korea, traveling to Korea, or just curious about Korean news or activities, these sources will assist you in your adventure!

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