How to Use e-ID and Related App to Reserve a Seat at CAU Library

This blog post is dedicated to providing step-by-step instructions to create your e-ID account and to reserve a seat in the CAU library.


Chung-Ang University offers a new app called ‘중앙대학교 e-ID’, in which allows students to sign in to class if they have not received their student card or forgot their student card. To download this app, simply type in “Chung Ang e-ID” into the app store or play store. Once you see the same Korean characters, and the same icon as the picture on the right, download it. This will be your lifesaver. 

To create an account, you will need to go on your laptop or desktop and follow the instructions below. In addition to this post, you can also refer to this video :

How to create an e-ID account:

  1. Go to:

2. Log into CAU portal site.

3. Click on “내정보” on the left side of the home page.

4. Next to “휴대폰”, enter your Korean phone number. If do not have one, please add an 11-digit number starting with 010. For example: 010-1234-5678.

5. Once you completed this, click “저장” to save your changes.

6. After completing those steps, go onto your mobile device and to the ‘중앙대학교 e-ID’ app that you downloaded. Follow the pictures below for step-by-step instructions to set-up your account.

step 7
step 8
step 9
step 10
step 11.jpg

How to reserve a seat at CAU’s library: 

If you’re looking for a silent place to study for your midterm or final exam, CAU’s library is a great place to go. The best thing about this library is that you can secure yourself a seat by reserving it on their mobile app! Ten minutes before heading to the library, log onto the app and secure your seat!

By scrolling down on your ‘중앙대학교 e-ID’ app, you will find a blue icon that says ‘중앙대학교 좌석 배정’. This translates to “Chung-Ang University’s Seat Assignment’. If you click on this icon, it will bring you to a tab where you can download this app.  

lib 1

After downloading this app, follow these step-by-step instructions on how to reserve a seat at the library.

  1. Login into your CAU account and click on ‘좌석 배정”.
lib 2&3 combined

3. Choose the area you would like to study. In this case, we will choose ‘Library – Seoul Campus’.


Please note that you are not allowed to enter the 법학전문도서관 (the second one) – the library is only for the law school students.

4. Select the area where you would like to study. Under ‘열람실명’, these are the different types of study places. If you click on ‘제 # 열람실‘, that means you’re looking for a room where you can do your readings. If you click on ‘제 # 노트북실‘, that means you’re looking for a room where you can use your laptop while studying.

‘사용’ shows the amount of seats are currently occupied and ‘잔여’ tells you the number of available seats left.

lib 5

5. Select the seat you’d like. The blue color indicates that the seat is occupied. The white color indicates that the seat is available.

lib 7

6. After selecting your seat, this message will pop up. This translates to ‘The seat has been reserved for you. Twenty minutes after booking your seat, you are required to go to the kiosk and click ‘내자리’ then ‘발권 확정’ to confirm that you are here for your seat. Click ‘확인’.

lib 8

7. Now you will get a confirmation receipt of your booking. All of the information is on this receipt. If you wish to cancel your reservation, click ‘에약취소’.

lib 9

8. Once you arrive to the library, make sure to go to the kiosk and follow the message in step 6 to confirm your booking.

We hope that these step-by-step instructions help you figure out how to use your e-ID for class attendance and how to reserve a seat at the library for studying!

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