Anseong Campus: Virtual Tour

안녕하세요 친구!~

The CAU Exchange Blog created not only a tour of Seoul campus, but also Anseong campus! Anseong campus is located approximately 2 hours south-east from Seoul in the Gyeonggi province.

Anseong campus contains numerous major courses in Liberal Arts and the Sciences. Students can access Anseong’s English course list with the following link:





Athletic Field 


The athletic field is in the middle of the campus and is connected to 7 tennis courts and 1 basketball court. Students come here for game gatherings, personal exercise or for breaks from studies.


Myeongdeok-1 Female Dormitory (704)


The Myeongdeok-1 female dorms is a 4-story building designed to provide living comfort ad convenience. There are two other female dorms Myeongdeok-2 (705) and Myeongdeok-3 (706).


Yeji Male Dormitory (701)


The Yeji-1 dormitory, like the female, provides convenience and comfort for the male students at Anseong. The building consists of 3-stories and has two other sister buildings Yeji-2 (702) and Yeji-3 (703).


Cafeteria (707)


The cafeteria is located in the Student Social Center, which also the optician’s shop and snack store.


Lakeside Theater


Towards the center of the campus is the campus lake with a conjoined stage. The stage is used for festivals and concerts. This lake/theater area is known to be harmonious and a great place to take rest.


Central Library (902)


The Anseong Central Library is a 5-story building that houses 500,00 volume of books 25,600 scholarship papers, 2,000 periodicals and 33,500 e-books!



Interview with the Anseong Exchange Students


From left to right: Zhao, Aira, Sophia, & Hanna

Q: What do you do during your free time at Anseong campus?

Hanna: I usually hang out with other foreigners and go out to eat. We like to go to the coin karaoke. It’s very fun and cheap and we get to sing a lot!

Zhao: I like to go shopping or go to the supermarket. I travel to Seoul when I have time!

Aira: I like to travel with my sister–who is also in Korea!

Sophia: I draw a lot because I get a lot of inspiration here. Like my friends, I like to go to the coin karaoke.

Q: How are the courses at Anseong campus?

Hanna: Honestly, I like them! The professors can speak English pretty well.

Zhao: All my classes are in English. The lectures are in English and the lessons are almost the same as the ones I take in China.

Q: What are some differences you’ve noticed between Seoul campus and Anseong campus?

Hanna: Seoul is obviously a bigger city! But I like Anseong more because it’s similar to my home university–calm and silent.

Aira: There are more people on Seoul campus and our dorm rooms don’t have individual bathrooms.

Sophia: Because Seoul is far from Anseong, we really learn how to handle the transportation systems in Korea. We truly learn how to explore Korea.

Q: How is the Anseong campus cafeteria?

Hanna: It’s cheap! I like it. But, we like to go out to eat and get Ramen or Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi stew).

Q: What characteristic of Anseong do you like the most?

Hanna: In my department, they try their hardest to communicate with me and accommodate me.

Zhao: I like Anseong because of the cheap dormitory fee! It’s only 800,000 ₩ (~$730).

Aira: Because I am a writer, I like to be in an area that is quiet. Anseong makes me feel comfortable.

Sophia: The campus is very well structured. The people are very nice and it’s similar to my home university.



For more information about Anseong Campus, you can head over to Chung-Ang University’s virtual map to see more!


See you at CAU!






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