Pre-Departure Services

Chung-Ang University offers numerous services specifically for exchange students in order to ensure a smooth transition when moving to Korea.

Before you even leave your home country we start to assist you with:

  1. Pre-departure guide, Semester schedule with important dates
  2. Course registration and guide
  3. Visa issuance documents

*Pre-departure guide

The pre-departure guide includes everything you need to know before you leave for Korea such as what you can expect the country to be like and what you need to prepare.

We also send out a course registration guide so that students can easily sign up for classes with no issues. It guides you step by step on to how to register for classes.

The Office of International Affairs also emails you your Visa issuance documents/or number so that you can process your Visa in your home country. The Visa process is very simple it just takes some time to complete it.

Upon arrival

1. Free airport pickup

2. Orientation

-Open a Korean bank account

-Guide Book

-Student ID card

3. ARC sessions

(NOTE: Airport pick-up and orientations have been Discontinued temporarily due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation)

*Airport Pick-up

Global Ambassadors, your buddies when you come in as an exchange student will greet you with open arms at the airport so that you don’t get lost along the way. The bus is free of charge and it will take you all the way to Blue Mir Hall on Seoul campus. This is amazing because it is the quickest way to CAU. The alternative is to either take the subway or bus to Heukseok and then walk all the way to the dorms, which can take 20 minutes. Once you sign up for the pick-up on time through the online service (the link for it will be sent out to you), you will be guaranteed a spot on the bus. In order to apply for the airport pick up service, you can do it online with the link provided by us via e-mail. It probably takes less than 5 minutes.


2017-2 Orientation (112).JPG

<Vice President for International Affairs’ Welcome Speech>

At orientation we take students through a step by step process to help them open a bank account so that they don’t have to do it themselves. The Korean bank card is super convenient because it is accepted everywhere in Korea and can be used as a T-money card (public transportation card). Along with that we also help them purchase the University’s health insurance. The orientation discusses all important topics such as dates and policies of the University. Every student is given a guidebook with helpful, wide-ranging topics on how to get to the Seoul Immigration Office or how to visit the CAU hospital. Students also fill out the application for their ID cards at this orientation.

<Global Ambassadors will help you to complete the documents for the bank account and student ID card>

2017-2 Orientation (656)

<You can purchase an insurance if you have not done it in your country>

2017-2 Orientation (617)

<The orientation takes a couple of hours, and here we have a free lunch for you!>

2017-2 Orientation (596)

<It takes time to receive a student ID card, but you can make an E-ID card with your smartphone. We will teach you how to do it.>

<The guide book : you can check any kind of information you might need during your stay at CAU>

One of the legal requirements once you arrive in Korea is to register with the immigration office and receive your Alien Registration Card proving that you are legally allowed to stay in Korea. It can be a daunting task as you need paperwork from the University and you also need to register for an appointment online. We have GLAMs (Global Ambassadors) that can help you register for an appointment on a one-on-one basis. We can also show you where and how to get to the Seoul immigration office.

Our final resource for students is our with specific topics such as how to signup and register for CAU, how to receive your ARC, and more services provided here on campus! All of our blog posts are geared for exchange students and they can all benefit from reading it!

2017-2 Orientation (612)

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