Seoul Campus Tour

We’ve created a virtual tour of the Chung-Ang University’s Seoul campus. We know many of you won’t have the opportunity to visit CAU before coming here for your academic semester, so hopefully this blog post will make it easier to find your way around campus upon arrival!

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Chung-Ang Square

Chung-Ang Square is located at the front of the school and is the face of Chung-Ang University. Here you will find students arriving to campus and people walking around in between classes; it is quite the place to be for a breath of fresh air and gorgeous scenery. The lawn is in the center of the square and surrounding it are Young-shin Hall and Research and Development (R&D) Center Building, which were built during the reconstruction of the front gate.

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College of Pharmacy / R&D Center (102)

Built in 2011, the College of Pharmacy / R&D Center houses the College of Medicine and Industry-University Cooperation Foundation. The 11-story building with 4 basement floors has lecture rooms, restaurants, a logo shop, convenience stores, and R&D labs.

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Red Cross College of Nursing / Pfeiffer hall (103)

Pfeiffer Hall was built in accordance with the will of Ms. Pfeiffer with the help of E. H. Bobst in 1956. On May 19, 1956, a grand celebration was held for the completion of the building, with the presence of former president of Republic of Korea, Seung-man Lee and the first lady.

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College of Medicine 1 and 2 (105 and 106)

College of Medicine 1 building was completed in 1974. This 6-story building houses departments that belong to the College of Medicine. College of Medicine 2 building was constructed in 2005. The B1 floor contains facilities for experiments, and the Graduate School of Medicine. The administration office of the College of Medicine, and various kinds of cancer centers are located on the second floor of the building.

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College of Natural Sciences (104)

The College of Natural Sciences building was completed in 1995. This building is home to education and research on knowledge of basic sciences.

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Young-Shin Hall (101)

Young-shin Hall is the oldest building at Chung-Ang University and was established in 1938. The building was named after the founder of Chung-Ang University, Dr. Yim Young-shin. After being used by various departments including headquarters office, College of Education, College of Agriculture and school church, the building now houses admissions office.

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College of General Education (107)

Originally named “April Student Hall,” the General Education Building was built by order of Young-shin Yim in remembrance of the students who fought for democracy during the April 19th Revolution. It is also home to the Student Union Hall.

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Chung-Ang Stairway (I)

Chung-Ang Stairway, in the middle of Chung-Ang Square and Blue Dragon Pond, is a resting place where students can relax sitting on the stairs. By night, lights around the Chung-Ang Stairway add to the picturesque beauty of the Seoul campus of Chung-Ang University.

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Dragon Pond (G)

Blue Dragon Pond was built in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Chung-Ang University in 1968. Blue Dragon Monument represents a dragon that rises up to heaven while coiling around the earth and receiving blessings from seven small dragon below. It signifies a philosophical view of the universe. Inside the globe the dragon holds articles left by the founder Young-shin Yim and documents on the history of Chung-Ang University.

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Main Administration Building (201)

The Main Administration building contains the Office of the President, Office of Chairman, administrative offices and student affairs office where students can also print their certificates.  The Office of International Affairs (OIA) is also located inside 201. The OIA assists exchange and international students with their school affairs.

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Computer & Information Center (202)

Computer & Information Center consists of IT Infrastructure of our university for the best education and research environment, and IT development team that conducts maintenance of information service and computing system.

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Main Stairway

Here’s the main stairway from Chung-Ang Square that takes you towards the library.

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Library (204)

First opened in 1960, the Central Library was remodeled and expanded to become its current size, offering 3,400 seats and various convenience facilities. The library holds over one million books, 40,000 e-books and 2,500 journals. The library was awarded Best Building in 2010 by Good Design Award. You can find students studying on every floor and the library becomes particularly busy especially around midterms and finals.

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College of Humanities / College of Education (203)

Seorabeol Hall was completed in 1972, and is home to the departments of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Through active Research and education, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is striving to train the talent armed with knowledge on humanities.

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Basketball Court

The basketball court is a ground with basketball courts and volleyball court. Along with the athletic field and giant field are used to promote the health of Chung-Ang families.

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Engineering 1 / Bobst Hall (207)

Bobst Hall has research facilities and laboratories for students of the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering & Material Science, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical & Electronics Engineering.


Business Incubator Center (209)

At the 5th floor of Business Incubator Center are the administrative office and the Technology Transfer Center. The Business Incubator Center is working on the acquisition and management of intellectual property rights, promotion of technology transfer, support for venture businesses and outside research.

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College of Engineering 2 (208)

The College of Engineering 2 building is currently occupied by the School of Architecture & Building Science, Computer Science & Engineering, and Civil & Environmental Engineering.

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Blue Mir Hall 1 Dorm (308)

Blue Mir Hall, located at the upper part of Seoul campus, is a 15-story building with 2 lower ground floors. Completed on Aug 2010, the building houses 898 students with its 2-bed rooms, 4-bed rooms and rooms for the handicapped. Among its convenient facilities are seminar rooms, laundry rooms, cafeteria, convenience store and fitness center. If you are selected to live in the dorms you will be staying here, in building 308, it is occupied by both exchange students and Korean students.

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Blue Mir Hall 2 Dorm (309)

The second dormitory (building 309), a 14-story building began construction on Oct 2012 and was completed on Feb. 2015. the building houses 716 rooms that can accommodate up to 1432 students. It is also equipped with many convenient facilities such as a seminar room, cafeteria, laundry room and gym. Both buildings are connected and you can easily travel between the two.

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Centennial Hall (310)

Centennial Hall, which was constructed in celebration of the 100th anniversary of CAU opened its doors in June 2016. As a symbol of its 100 year history and a driving force behind the next 100 years, the Centennial Hall will become the new landmarks of CAU, helping it take a leap forward as the top global university.  CAU’s History, tradition, campus environment and harmony with existing buildings were taken into account in designing the buildings. The 12- story building with 6 basement floors was built on 75,058 m2 of land. As the largest building complex on campus, it houses a variety for spaces for relaxation and gathering. Building 310 is home to many classrooms, cafes, cafeterias, restaurants, and shops. You will often see events on the first floor in addition to the students taking a break .


Performing Arts and Media Building (304)

The Performing Arts and Media Building is a place where students perform their acting practices and filming at film testing lab, modelling room, and other facilities.

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Law School Building (303)

This 14-story building with 3 underground floors opened in 2007. Law school, law library, college of social science are currently located in the building. Student cafeteria, faculty dining hall, computer labs are located on the 1st basement floor and main auditorium is located on the 2nd floor. Undergraduate and graduate administration offices are located on the 6th and 7th floor. Faculty offices and research labs are located from the 10th to the 14th floor.

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Faculty Office Building / Gymnasium (305)

The Faculty Office building was renovated on January 2011 into a 10-story building with 3 lower ground floors. The gymnasium manages sports activities on campus. With its tradition as the nest that nurtured a number of leaders in the field of sports sciences, gymnasium is training a new generation of sports experts day and night.

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Graduate School Building (302)

The Graduate School of Chung-Ang University is training practical leaders through its educational philosophy “Justice and Truth.” The Graduate School of Chung-Ang University consists of General Graduate School, Professional Graduate School and Specialized Graduate School.

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Art Center (301)

The Art Center has a main theater that is equipped with up-to-date lighting and A/V system, as well as a small theater of 123 seats, another multi purpose theater, seminar rooms and lecture rooms.

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Back Gate

Here’s the back gate and we’ve reached the end of our tour. From here you can walk towards Sangdo station or catch the bus towards the main gate. We hope this tour was helpful! We can wait to see you around campus!

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