Chung-Ang University’s Master’s Degree Program

Scholarships & General Information:

Graduate School Study Fields:

  • Liberal Arts and Science
  • Natural Science
  • Engineering
  • Arts and Education
  • Medicine
  • Interdisciplinary

3 Scholarships:

  1. General Scholarship
  2. CAYSS: Chung-Ang University Young Scientist Scholarship
  3. GKS / KGSP: Global Korea Scholarship / Korean Government Scholarship Program

Detailed Information on Scholarships:

Scholarship 1: General Scholarship

Tuition coverage ranging from 30%, 50%, 70% to even full tuition depending on test scores of English language and GPA (Grade Point Average):

1st semester) Tuition coverage depends on Language Proficiency Test Score and Admission Score.

2nd semester) It is based on previous semester’s grades.

Students must maintain a 3.0 or better GPA and must be enrolled in at least 6 credits per semester to continue receiving the scholarship once obtained.

If student fails to receive the scholarship in first semester, students can try again for the following semesters.

Scholarship 2: CAYSS (Chung-Ang University Young Scientist Scholarship)

Application deadlines:

Fall Semester→Mid April; Notified- Beginning of June

Spring Semester→Mid October; Notified- Beginning of December

Interview one month after application deadline.

Must maintain 3.5 GPA or above.

Majoring in Natural Science, Engineering, Pharmacy and Medicine.

Should have a study plan.


Paid for: Tuition, enrollment, application, including some additional money from professors which is about 500,000 KRW a month.

Need approval signature from academic advisor every semester.

Duration of 4 to 8 semesters. 4 for only Master’s or Doctoral, 8 for Master’s and Ph.D. joint program.

In order to apply for this scholarship you need to find at least one full-time faculty member who is a professor, or lecturer of the Graduate School at Chung-Ang University that will be willing to recommend you as a CAYSS applicant.

Scholarship 3: GKS (KGSP): Global Korea Scholarship / Korean Government Scholarship Program

GKS or KGSP is a different name for the same scholarship. The scholarship is provided either by Korean Government Embassy or provided directly from the University, depending on which option you choose to apply for and get. 

Embassy Track:

  • 386 students are picked from 145 Countries
  • 14 overseas Korean adoptees from 12 Countries

University Track:

260 students from 78 Countries

  • 195 from eligible fields
  • 65 are from Natural Sciences and Engineering

You can apply through either the Embassy track from the Korean embassy in your home country or through the University track by choosing one of the qualifiable universities. There are only 65 Universities you can choose from that qualify for the scholarship. Chung-Ang University is one of them.

If you want more information about the KGSP scholarship including if your home country is eligible, visit this link on or after February 2018. February is best because the scholarship information is updated every year on February. 

*This is true for every year, the notifications come in every February.


Paid for: Airfare, Tuition, Thesis Printing Fee, Medical Insurance, Korean Proficiency Grants, Scholarship Completion Grants, Language Training,

Allowance: Settlement 200,000, Monthly 900,000, Research.

  • For Master’s degree program: Coverage for 3 years.
  • 2 Years for degree
  • 1 Year for Language program – TOPIK Level of 3 or higher after 1 year
  • Can skip Language program of 1 year if TOPIK Level 5 or 6
  • Must live on campus unless TOPIK level is 3 or higher.

Click this link for more information on the scholarships:

Scholarships for Graduate School

General Information about Graduate School in Chung-Ang University:

Chung-Ang University Graduate Admissions Guide: 

2018 Spring Graduate Admission Guide for International Students

*Please Note: On the 2018 Spring Graduate Admission Guide there is a list of Graduate Programs, a “O” means they have it but an “X” means they don’t have it.

General Information about CAU Grad School:

How many years for the Master’s degree program?

2 years for coursework for any major with the exception of the Dance Practice major, which requires 2.5 years.

Is there a concurrent degree program at Chung-Ang University?

There is concurrent degree program for Master’s and Ph.D. For all majors the joint program is 4 years (2 for Master’s, 2 for Ph.D) for the Dance department it is 5 years total (2.5 years for Master’s and 2.5 for Ph.D).

Are recommendations required to apply for Chung-Ang University Master’s Degree Program?

Recommendations are not required for the Master’s degree program but if you want to apply for a joint Master’s and Ph.D. program then you will need 2 letters of recommendation.

Do you need to have a certain score of English or Korean level to get into grad school, if so, what is it and what type of tests?

TOPIK level 3 or higher in Korean Language to get in but for graduation it must become 4 or higher.

Or, English language scores of: TOEFL PBT 530, IELTS 5.5, CEFR B2, TEPS 600.

Or, other criteria such as English being your mother tongue, graduating from the Korean department or from a Korean university, among others.

What is the main Teaching Language for the Program?

  • College of Engineering, Natural Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medicine, Department of International Logistics, English Literature and Language: Korean or English
  • Other Colleges and Majors: Korean (You need Korean Language Proficiency of Topik level 3 or higher, check the language requirements for CAU Graduate School Admission)

How is the graduate school application evaluated?

  • Study plan
    • Based on why you want to go to Chung-Ang University, your graduate study plans, career future, and how it all relates to your background and your area of concentration.
  • GPA
  • Suitability or your respective major.
  • Interview (only if doing a concurrent degree program)
    • Based on academic knowledge of major, motivation, plan, competence, and capability.

What is the tuition fee per semester for the program and other fees?

Tuition fee ranges per department or division but you also have to pay a general admission fee and application fee:

Department Admission Fee

(One Time Only)

Application Fee

(One Time Only)

Tuition Fee Per Semester Total
Humanities / Social Science 980,000 ₩ 100,000 ₩ 5,099,000 ₩ 6,179,000 ₩
Natural Sciences, Sports, Nursing 980,000 ₩ 100,000 ₩ 6,110,000 ₩ 7,190,000 ₩
Engineering 980,000 ₩ 100,000 ₩ 6,941,000 ₩ 8,021,000 ₩
Pharmacy 980,000 ₩ 100,000 ₩ 6,847,000 ₩ 7,927,000 ₩
Medicine 980,000 ₩ 100,000 ₩ 6,924,000 ₩ 8,004,000 ₩
Arts 980,000 ₩ 100,000 ₩ 8,121,000 ₩ 9,201,000 ₩
Under Arts: Music, Korean Music, Dance 980,000 ₩ 130,000 ₩

*30,000 ₩ more for Practical Test

8,121,000 ₩ 9,231,000 ₩

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