How to print documents at CAU

Have you ever needed to print out or make a copy of a document? Don’t fret it is actually very easy! The printers are located in the lounge of building 308, near the male dorm entrance before you reach the mail room. There are two big machines that can copy and print your documents (see below). Also, you can access the computer and print from the web, or from a flash drive.


To print, first you can change the language of the computer to English so you can read everything.


After that you click on print and it will ask you to login and click on non-member use for a 100 won deposit if you want to use the computer. You can pay with cash, card or T-Money.



Just click your method of payment and then you will need to pay, you can insert 1,000 won bills or coins.



From here you can print, just open up the browser and log into your email, or the website you need to retrieve your document from.  If you need to print from your flash drive you can click on the folder icon at the bottom of the screen and locate your flash drive on the left.



Once you open your document and click print or control + p, select cube print and click on 인쇄(D). It costs 50 won per black and white page or 500 won for a color page.





When you print the screen will say that you need to pay so again just select how you would like to pay: cash, card, or T-money.



After you pay the remaining balance it will say printing and your pages will spool underneath the keyboard in the slot.



After printing, log-out  in the top right corner and confirm.

The printing process is also the same as using the copier. But instead of using the computer you click on copy. And also you need to pay 50 won per black and white page and 500 won for a color copy. Sometime you will need to make copies of documents, such as your passport.We hope this guide is helpful for you as it can be a little confusing not knowing exactly how to print in Korea!

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