CAU’s Disability Services

Chung-Ang University is an institution of many opportunities and resources for students. One of those resources is the Center for the Disabled.

Kim So Hyun, is a professional researcher and full-time staff member of Chung-Ang University’s Disability Services. Her role includes planning and operating the disability program; supporting students with learning, physical and other disabilities; providing counseling for disabled students and their parents; as well as helping support project budget execution and operation.


Kim Su Hyun first found her passion in assisting the disabled back in college when she joined a club that consisted of special needs children. Since then, she pursued a major in Special Education and went on to teach children and young adults of various ages for over ten years before coming to Chung-Ang University.

The Center for the Disabled, located in room B304 of building 310, provides numerous services for people with physical and learning disabilities. Their services include interpreters for the hearing impaired, books specially made for the blind, wheelchairs for the physically disabled, and so forth. They also offer academic counseling and catered tests and assignments for special needs. They even have students that take notes on behalf of the academically disabled.


Kim emphasized that the center’s specialty is its individualized care. She says everyone who walks through their doors seeking assistance is cared for in a customized ways–depending on the person. Beyond that, students are trained for the job world after graduation and are presented the opportunity to form working relationships with the many companies with which Chung-Ang is connected to, as well as receiving support from organizations such as the Korea Employment Security Association for the Disabled.

She mentioned the common belief among the CAU Disabilities Center staff  is that an institution that cares for the undeserved and underrepresented people of its population is more prosperous and overall a happier place for all.

As of right now, the center serves 30 disabled students throughout the school. If you or someone you know is in need of these services, please visit for more information, or stop by the office.


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