Korea Post Office

Moving to Korea for a semester or year can be extremely hard, especially if it’s your first time being away from family and friends. And for most of us, we can’t help but feel slightly alone. But, not to worry, at CAU there is a Post Office where you can send letters or even packages back home. The office is located in the 310 building at B4.

post office

This could be extremely helpful! Especially for those of us who purchased way too many things and now can’t fit them in our luggages. Thankfully, the post office gives the option of sending it by airplane or boat.

Keep in mind that sending it by air is safer, in my opinion since you can track it! However, it can be a bit expensive depending on the weight of your items.


this is where they weight the item

For example, a small box filled to the core with things can cost you roughly around $40 (40,000 won). On top of that, where your shipping the items to can fluctuate the price. Let say, if you’re on the opposite side of Korea, the price will be way more expensive compared to if you shipped it to China. Even though sending your item is the most expensive part, it is extremely convenient if you’re on a time limit. It takes about 2 weeks or less to be delivered home.

But if you decide to ship it by boat. It will take roughly 30-60 days. The boat option is convenient if you don’t want to spend too much money. The price also fluctuates depending on the weight and where you are shipping it to. But, if you decide to ship it by boat, there is no way to track the shipment.

In order to deliver anything, you have to purchase the boxes or letters the office provides. Its extremely cheap! The biggest box costing 2,300 won.

Down below are the sizes of the boxes/letter and the prices:

The office workers are extremely helpful and can provide you with instruction on what to do and where to pick up the supplies. 


Before doing anything make sure to know the address of the area you want to deliver it to! If someone is sending you a package let them know to send it to the dorms NOT the post office.

Down below is the address of CAU dorms: 

Dormitory Address:

84 Heukseok-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Blur Mir hall, Building A, Rm# (Your room #)

Zip code : 06974

서울시 동작구 흑석로 84, 중앙대학교 블루미르 홀

A동 (Your room #)호


The staff members at CAU will notify you when they receive a package. They will leave a small note on your mailbox (located at 308). letting you know where to pick up the package. Usually its either on the second floor (management office) of building 309. Or outside the main lobby of building 308. 


If you want to know more information about Korea Post Office and cetain restrictions, don’t hesitate to check out the website::Post Office

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