Director of Office of International Affairs (~July, 2017)


Students are not aware of what goes behind close doors in order for them to be able to study at Chung-Ang University. It takes a group of great people to be able to send and receive students for an exchange. The office is also in charge of the International Students for  the general Graduate School and Doctorate programs. The Office of International Affairs has had a great impact on the school over the years with the number of exchange and international students increasing in several departments. Back in 2006  the office of International Affairs had about 150  partnerships. Currently there’s approximately 460 partner universities across the globe.


In order to understand a  little more about what goes behind doors to be a Chung-Ang University exchange student, I’ve interviewed Director Jin Park.


  • What’s your position here at the International Office, and what does it consist of?

Director of International Affairs, in charge of  staff recruitment and the exchange/international program.

  • What’s the most important advice you can give to exchange students?

Studying abroad is a great opportunity and benefit for students to learn about other countries culture and people. Since they are spending their time to be here, at our university. I tell  exchange students to spend time in lectures and learn Korean because it can be effective in their life. Even if you stay for a short period of time a semester or one year it will come in useful for future jobs that could be related to Korea, their experience here can help their future.

  • What’s the most difficult thing about your position?

The most difficult part is the pressure from management in order to  expand the number of international students here and making partnerships. Everybody wants to attend upper level universities but other universities don’t necessarily want to make partnership’s with us depending on ranks. It’s hard to explain that to others. Recruitment is difficult as well, a lot of students have difficulty with the teaching style is different from what they are accustomed to, that’s  difficult to explain  to them.

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