Health Clinic at CAU

Is that time of year again, spring is finally here!!  Now that winter is over and flowers are blooming you can say goodbye to the cold season, right? Not so fast. A  spring cold can be even worse due to the springtime allergies. But not to worry for easy access to a cold medication or any inquiries go to Chung-Ang University Health Clinic located in building 310 B3 floor, right in front of the dormitories 308 & 309. (On a side note: It might be a little difficult to communicate with staff because they speak little English. ) If there is something more serious that needs to be checked out, you can also visit the International Healthcare Center located at Chung-Ang University Hospital second floor. This might be much more convenient for everyone since they speak several languages and will guide you through the whole process in seeing your doctor and how to get your medications. 

All that is asked is for your student ID  and you are set! (For the International Healthcare Center they might also ask for your Alien Registration Card!)

Some useful words:

열이 나다- have a fever

기침을 하다- cough 

감기에 걸리다- catch a cold

두통- headache

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