Ballin’ on a Budget?

Hey you! Yes you! Are you ballin’ on a budget? Looking for something cheap yet satisfying to eat? Maybe somewhere near campus, ooooh better yet on campus? Well my friend, I’ve got the solution for you. CAU cafeteria! Located inside the dormitory (building 308) across the W Cafe is the holy mother land of all food. Oh, and you haven’t even heard the good news yet! The cafeteria is split into five sections offering an insane range of Korean to international food, and the price? 

Yes, you heard it here first. You only have to pay less than 3 dollars for a fulfilling appetite! So how? How can you become a part of this amazing community? Well the easiest way is to get a meal plan, but that’s not the only way. This spectacular service is open to everyone. Before we get into details about the delicious food being served, first we must go over the most important of all important information….when is the cafeteria open? Because the last thing we want is for YOU to miss this OH-so great opportunity!

Down below are the hours for the 308 cafeteria:

Cafeteria Schedule




07:00am  – 08:40am


06:00am  – 08:00am

2,800 won



Korean~13:30/international 13:10 Premium ~ 13:10pm


11:30  – 13:30pm

11:30  -13:00pm

No Premium

2,800 won         3,200  won






17:30  – 19:00pm


17:30 – 18:30pm

2,800 won



09:00  – 20:00 pm2,800 won

Outside the 308 cafeteria there is a huge bulletin that lists the menu for that day. It changes frequently so make sure to read the bulletin time to time because it could be crucial if you have certain restrictions (such as pork, vegetarian, etc).  If you by any means struggle with the Korean language…don’t worry!  At the far left next to the security guard there is another bulletin board! It will have an orange tag that says “English Menu is Here!!”  

Surprisingly this one actually has the menu for the whole week! So my biggest advice is to snap a picture of it!

FUN FACT:  During lunch, 308 cafeteria has a premium selection! It’s still pretty affordable only costing around 3900! So, if you’re willing to spend that extra dollar for something a bit extravagant, like bibimbap make sure to come during lunch hours!!!

Before you enter the cafeteria there are two green machines. The one on the left side accepts only card, whereas the right one accepts cash. If you’re not familiar with Korean, both machines are English friendly.


After you pay, the machine will give you a meal ticket. With this meal ticket  the gate of heaven will open, you’ll having amazing skin, a 4.0 gpa, and extra money in your pockets… okay maybe not. But the feeling is semi-close. However, when you do enter the cafeteria everything does seem a bit confusing at first. I could only remember the amount of frustration I felt when I ended up with the wrong meal. So, to make this more of an enjoyable experience for you, I’ve broken down the cafeteria into four categories. The first thing you’ll see when you do enter are two huge signs on opposite sides “Korean” and “International”.


Now, now I know what you’re probably thinking “Why are the Korean and International students separated? I came here for an exchange not to be isolated?” (Not going to lie, that’s exactly what was going through my mind at first). But that’s not the case! Both sections just represent the style of food, so everyone is opened to go to whichever side they please.

International food caters to anyone who wants a little taste of the world. A prime example is spaghetti with rose sauce, morning rolled pickled, and a carbonated drink. 

Korean Food has more authentic Korean-style food, which I highly suggest everyone to try! An example of a Korean dish stir-fried pork and vegetables with  oyster sauce (pork), braised cabbage soup with soybean paste, and boiled lotus   root with soy sauce.  

Okay so let’s say lunchtime is over and you missed it by a minute. Unfortunately,  the workers are cleaning up their stations and to make matters worse your stomach keeps growling.
You’ve already purchased a meal ticket and now you’re contemplating whether to throw away the 2800 won in the trash and buy “pricey” food elsewhere or just starve and wait until dinner?  Well, not to worry SUPER-CAFETERIA- MAN to the save! 308 offers a SNACK bar!      

section is opened from 9am to 8pm. So, if  you end up missing dinner, this is an alternative option. However, something to keep in mind is the snack bar menu doesn’t change…AT ALL.

The menu has four different options:

  1. Cheese ramen and rice with prune flavor juice
  2. Ramen topped with dumplings & rice with prune juice
  3. Tteokbokki (rice cakes with sauce), and sundae (pork), boiled egg, fritters
  4. Kimchi and pork dumplings, fish cakes, and soup

*** rice is self service, so if you’re craving rice, it is located at the side of the snack bar***

Okay, let’s say you’re running late to class and didn’t have time for a proper meal. You’re really hungry and want something quick yet cheap to eat. Time is ticking and you’re out of options. What do you? Well not to worry,  back at it again with super-cafeteria-man to the save. There is a:

Take Out : However, this area has very limited options, an example is salad. Nevertheless, Take Out is very convenient if you’re in a rush.

Remember that meal ticket earlier, this is the time to use it. In each section of the cafeteria there is a small box on the far left side. You can drop the ticket into there and you’re set to go.

After finishing your luxurious meal, you’re probably wondering where to set your tray and utensils? Located all the way in the back of the cafeteria is a rotating appliance where you can place your tray.

However make sure to remove your utensils, plastic/metal cup, and carton basically anything that doesn’t take a form of a bowl or plate.

The utensils have a special area where they can be dropped off, as for the plastic cups, they can go in the recycling bin.


Another cafeteria located in the dorms is :

Delacourt cafeteria is located in building 309 inside the dormitories and is split into three sections :


The Xingfu China menu offers noodles base food such as :

 1. 자장면, which is noodles in black soybean sauce.

 2. 싱가풀 차킨누들 (singapore chicken    noodle

3. 볶음짬뽕 (stirred fried Chinese- style                        noodles with seafood and vegetables)

Xingfu is the cheapest option in the Delacourt, costing only 3,200 won!!!


The next section is Brown Grill. This sections offers more variety and is opened the latest! Here what’s on the menu:  


  1. Smoked Salmon Salad
  2. Chicken Tomato Spaghetti
  3. Garlic Hamburger Steak
  4. Bacon & Potato Pizza
  5. Chicken Pizza
  6. Fried Chicken & a drink

Everything in the menu is around 3,900 won except for the chicken pizza and the bacon potato pizza which is around 11,700 won (three meal tickets). I highly suggest giving the pizza a try! Although it’s not relatively close to the greasy and salty pizza we all enjoy, it is quite tasty and can be shared with a group of friends. One of the benefits of choosing the brown grill for lunch or dinner is that they provide carbonated drinks! So you can only imagine as a soda addict how in love I am with this section.

Although the Brown Grill closes around 6:40, it actually serves as a snack bar until 9:00pm serving chicken and drinks. So, if you randomly have a craving for some fried chicken late a night this is a place to consider!

Last definitely not least is  가츠&엔. The price is 3,800 won. The menu contains only three items : Pork Sirloin, Cutlet, and Bibimbap. 

If you’re interested in trying out Delacourt, the cafeteria schedule is down below! However some things to keep in mind is:

  1.  CLOSED during the weekends
  2.  NO breakfast, meaning Delacourt is only open during lunch and dinner hours.
  3.  The menu STAYS the same
  4. There is only one green machine outside. Unfortunately it ONLY takes cash! This particular location is extremely popular with the students, which could explain why it gets packed quickly. So, my biggest advice is to come around 12:30pm if you want to ensure a guarantee opened seat!

Delacourt Cafeteria hours:

Lunch WEEKDAYS 11:30 – 13:30pmXingfu 3,200


Brown Grill 3,900

가츠&엔 3,800

DinnerWEEKDAYS17:30 – 6:40pmXingfu 3,200


Brown Grill 3,900

가츠&엔 3,800

SnackWEEKDAYS 19:00 – 21:00pm Pizza


Fried Chicken

11, 700

Let’s say the cafeteria located inside the dormitories don’t meet your “expectations”. Not to worry, Building 310 located right across the dorms surprisingly provides a cafeteria! To find this amazing place, you need to go down the stairs (or elevators) to B4!

Now, I must admit finding and figuring out the machines is a bit challenging compared to the cafeteria in the dorms. Unlike the 308 cafeteria and Delacourt where there are 1-2 machines, B4 has 5-6 machines. But the machines do serve the same purpose.

Four of machines have card options, whereas the other two ONLY take cash. And I must say it’s better this way. It gets quite busy around here  during lunch hours, so having multiple machines to avoid huge lines is ideal!

Above the vendors are enormous screens that give a visual presentation of what the menu looks like that day.

To be honest with you, this cafeteria looked more luxurious than the previous one. The interior design is visually appealing and attracts in many students to the venue.

One thing that caught me off guard was the fact it provides a home-cooked meal. So, if you want to taste authentic Korean food, I highly recommend giving this section a try.

Home-cooked meal : 4,500 won (spicy chicken, rice, traditional vegetable pancakes, and kimchi)

Now as a foreigner it was very difficult to figure out the menu and the schedule due to fact everything is written in Korean. So, as a helpful guide I broke down the schedule and the menu.

For starters the cafeteria is split into 4 different sections:

Ramen and Salad (라면앤 샐러드), Cutlet(커들렛), Pan Frying (which is usually bulgogi bimbipap,and home-cooked meals which is traditional Korean food.

Down below is  310 cafeteria hours: 


Breakfast (조식)

8:00 – 10:00 am


During breakfast the ramen and salad section is open from 8:00-10:00am & 11-2:00pm

Lunch (중식학식

11:00 – 2:00 pm

During lunch the home-cooked meals opens at 11:30 – 2:00pm  

Dinner (석식학식)

4:30- 7:00pm

During dinner the home cooked meals opens at 5:00-7:00pm

I hope these guidelines inspire you all to try out the cafeterias around campus! Don’t miss out on trying delicious food for a relatively cheap price!

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