READY?! Okay. // Staying Active in Korea



At this point in the semester, you may have found many treasures and comforts in your time exploring South Korea, however, it is more than expected that each and every one of us have some simple pleasures we may be missing from home. Unlike some other countries, most sports (except for baseball) don’t often find themselves gaining much attention within the media. As well, trying to get involved in a new sports or activity can be nerve-wracking in a foreign country where the language may not be familiar.
Not to fret.
The upcoming cultural activity provided by CKEP is a trip to take part in the live entertainment of Seoul’s professional baseball game watching the Doosan Bears vs. KIA Tigers. So let’s give you a little pep talk on what to expect for Korean baseball.
If you come from a country that takes serious pride in baseball, you may already be familiar with your home countries’ stadium food, seating process, pre-game ceremonies, and on-going inning activities. That being said, the atmosphere of a baseball game in South Korea is noted to be much different, and definitely an experience you should not miss out on!

First things first – Food

fried chicken
Although food is provided through the CKEP event, some of you may want to keep your options open. Eating before this event will not be necessary, both outside (before the match) and inside the stadium you will find a large variety of both Korean and foreign food choices for a cheap price! Unlike some other stadiums around the world, the Jamsil Stadium welcomes you to bring in outside food but if none of the street stands scream your name, you also have the option of waiting until you’re inside where food choices range anywhere from hamburgers to KFC to Domino’s Pizza. Let us not forget… it wouldn’t be Seoul without one or more beverages and whether beer, coffee, or soda sparks your interest, the variety stores within the stadium provide it all, without breaking your bank.


Now onto the true excitement

For those of you who are die-hard baseball fans, rumour has it that Korea has brought fun back to the culture of baseball games. Baseball games in Korea include intermission games, like: beer chugging contests or kiss cam, to name a few; cheerleaders and mascots who lead chants throughout the game; and each player on the team actually has a theme song for each time that they walk to the plate. No need to feel shy anywhere in the Baseball Park, cheer battles, synchronized song and dance and baseball action are all part of the fun.

*click on the image to see a larger version

Love to watch, but want to play some sports yourself?

Not a problem.

Sports are an exciting and inclusive way to not only meet new people and be active, but also to become more immersed in Korean culture. Instead of trying to find your dearly beloved sport at home, perhaps take a step outside of your comfort zone and give something new a try. Many clubs offered at CAU are sport or activity-oriented and are open for exchange students to take part in, and are still taking new members, even at this point in the semester. If you haven’t already reached out, take a peak inside your Student Guide Book. There you’ll find Clubs that are sporting activities, including:

  • IMG_1285.JPGTaekwondo
  • Korea Kumdo
  • Judo
  • American Football
  • Basketball
  • Street Dance
  • Sailing
  • Table Tennis
  • Crossfit

As well, in this section of your guidebook, there is contact information for each club, including the office location, so getting in touch and joining should not be a problem. However if the commitment of a club isn’t what you’re looking for and you’re hoping to just shoot some hoops with friends, equipment rental is also available on campus.

Just head on over to the Student Affairs Office in B250 with your student ID, and you’re off to the races.

Don’t forget!!!

There are also free bike rentals for students at the Han River, as well as free entry into the Blue Mir Hall gym for residence students. At Chung Ang there are so many ways to get involved in the excitement and stay active in the meantime, so grab a couple friends and join into the action!

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