CAU Campus Bus

There are times where you come back from shopping, carrying larges bags and do not want to travel up to the dorms. You may even be out of money, so you can’t take one of the buses near campus to back gate. Well, if that’s you then you’d be interested in taking one of the buses that is provided by the school.

The CAU bus is free of charge and is provided for students get around campus with ease. During the hours of 8 to 10, the bus arrives every  10 minutes and between the hours of 10 to 16:30, it arrives every 15 minutes. IMG_0316.png

There’s many spots, even one in front of the dorms. It even takes you to Sangdo station and Noryangjin station!


Translation, from left center to right:

Dragon Pond-> (hospital) -> 204 backside -> 208 entrance -> 310 entrance [near 309] -> 310 [near 305]  -> back gate -> Sangdo station [exit 3] -> Noryangjin station ->Sangdo station [exit 5] -> back gate -> 310 [near 305] -> 308 entrance -> 205 entrance -> 104 entrance ->

*CAU main gate -> Huekseok station [exit 4] -> main gate -> middle gate -> back gate -> 310 entrance [near 305] -> 308 entrance ->207 entrance-> 205 entrance -> 104 entrance -> dragon pond ->

* This bus only runs from 8-10 with no real time schedule.

So if you’re in need of transportation whether it’s for medical or just don’t feel like walking, don’t be shy of using the free provided bus for our school!

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