CAU Dormitory: What to Expect

*CAU does not guarantee the dormitory room on campus for the exchange students . For the case you can’t get in the dormitory, we will share the related information for off-campus housing options.

Check out our video on the CAU Dormitory!


After getting accepted to be an exchange student at CAU, you should have received an email concerning dormitory. Many exchange students apply for it the first day receive it for three reasons:

1. It’s more convenient for exchange students to live on campus as they’re in a new country.
2. It’s great for exchange students.
3. It’s cheap!

We do have another post regarding information about the dorm. However, we wanted to provide more insight on what the rooms and facilities look like and what to expect when moving in. I know I had difficulties packing because I didn’t know what items the dorm would or wouldn’t provide.

Blue Mir outdoor.jpg

The rooms are big enough for two students and has a very convenient layout. When you step into the room, there will be a 3 sectioned closet. The first one will be the shoe shelf. There is definitely a lot of space for shoes (8 shelves to be exact – and you can fit at least 2 pairs in each). The next two closets are for you and your roommate to fill up with your clothes.

Next to the closest is the bathroom. Facing the bathroom, the middle section is the sink and mirrored cupboard, the left, a shower place and the right, the toilet. Facing in the room, there is a bed and table on the left and right of the room. On the wall next to the bathroom, you will see two controls – the bigger one is for the A/C and the smaller is for the floor heater.


When you first move into the dorms, you will have to sign in with the GLAMs at the lobby of the dorm and receive your dormitory card. Depending when you arrive, you will either be able to complete the full check in or will have to wait until the next morning to complete the other half. Whichever it is, you will later head to the women’s side or the men’s side to be shown the process of getting through the speed gate (security gate). The full check in process includes signing in with the dorm, filling out some forms and getting your bed sheets. You will then attend an orientation either on the same same day or next day concerning dormitory rules and information about events held by the dormitory.


Speed gates for the girls’ side of the dorm.

Here are some things that you would need to get on your own / bring along:

  1. Pillow and pillow case
  2. Blanket/comforter
  3. Clothing hangers
  4. Cleaning agents (optional, but recommended)
  5. Adapters for appliances (If you are bringing one from your country). Some products are “Dual Voltage” appliances and do not have voltage issues. So, be sure to check the voltage capacity of your products.
  6. Toiletries(Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Etc)
  7. Deodorant( This is really recommended if you need/use it as Korea does not sell them or will be costly.)

Do check out our video tour of the dormitory room and hear what other students say about it 🙂


Lobby Hallway


Dorm Hallway (inside)

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