Buses to and from the back gate of Chung-Ang University

Aren’t there times when you feel a little lazy and don’t want to walk all the way back to the dorm. It seems quite far right? And especially with the cold weather coming in, it will be nice to stay as warm as possible. Well if you didn’t know, there are buses you CAN take from Heukseok subway station to the backgate of Chung-Ang.

From Heukseok Station, they have many buses that comes by so be careful with which one you get on. You can either take bus 21, 5511, 10, 01 and all of them will take you to the backgate. They also make stop at middle gate and front gate too!

To make it easier to understand, there is pictures below to indicate where exactly where you would get drop off. Look at the red circle to know where the bus stops are.

Heukseok Station: Getting off on the subway, you can line up here to take the bus back to campus. This is where the bus stop is located.


Front GateBus 5511 stops by Dos Tacos and Bus 21, 10, and 01 stops by Gong Cha


Middle Gate: All buses I’ve listed stop by where the red circle is located.


Backgate: The buses have different stops at the backgate but they are all nearby the back of the school. From here you can walk back to the dormitory or to class.

Vice versa, if you wanted to take the bus from backgate to Heukseok station, it’s not really possible. The reason is because the buses can only take you from the backgate to the Medical Center and then walk from there to the station. The bus you should take is 21 and 01. If you take bus 10 it will drop you off near Watson. All these buses do make stop at the middle gate and front gate too.

Backgate: Where the circle is located in the picture is where you should stand for all 3 buses to take you near the Heukseok station. (Bus 21,01 and bus 10)


Taking bus 21 or 01 from the Backgate: The red circle is where you get drop off and it is right in front of the medical center. From here you can walk to Heukseok station.


If you take bus 10 from the backgate it will drop you off here by the benches. This is between Watson and the Medical Center. You can walk from here to Heukseok station.


Hope this survival tip helps you save time and keep you as warm as possible this coming winter!  Good Luck!


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