Did you know that being apart of the exchange program, you are given the opportunity to receive some pretty cool benefits? Events that help you get out and explore some cultural fun in Korea that you might haven’t done yet. Did I mention that these events are FREE of charge?????? YASSSS and who doesn’t love free things?

CKEP stands for Chung-Ang Korea’s Exploration Program. Every semester, the Office of International Affairs at CAU offers 3-4 cultural events for exchange students. These events are usually a one day event and almost all day! Transportation is provided for you guys to go as a group and even meals!!! Depending where you are going and how long, they will let you know what is provided and what is not.

The events are usually announced through email, Kakao, or the Facebook page. You will need to apply to the cultural events by contacting your GLAM. There is only a limited number of spots, so keep your eyes open. If you sign up and for some reason can’t attend, please let the GLAMs know ASAP so someone else could take your spot. If you fail to report it and don’t show up at the event, then you will not be able to attend anymore CKEP events.

Some events that we have done in the past is harvesting strawberries, making kimchi, baseball games. This coming year we have done one event so far which was a trip to the Korean folk village. This is where students were able to go to a cultural village with traditional-looking buildings, watch traditional performances and take part in some art and craft. Here are some pictures of CKEP trips and events:

Strawberry Farm: This farm is located in Yang Pyeong, in Gyeonggi Provice. Students got the chance to do such activities as harvesting strawberries, making steam buns, making pajeon (Korean pancake), learning how to play Korean traditional games and ride a four wheeler.

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Food Party: We have students team up into groups and have each team make a set of dishes from their country and compete for the best!



Korean Folk Village: Students were able to experience-style outdoor exhibitions to understand Korean traditional culture and its value. The Korean folk village is essentially a “living museum” that gave students first hand experience of traditional times in Korea.  They also got the choice to make either traditional doll with Korean traditional paper (hanji) or make and decorate a pottery of their own.

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