CAU Global Fair 2016

During the fall semester, one of the international office’s biggest events is the Global Fair in which CAU promotes their partner universities to local students on campus. During this event, the exchange students are the ambassadors and help promote their university to CAU students! This helps spark interest for Chung-Ang students to think about studying abroad and where they would like to go if they do. This fair will give students the opportunity to ask any questions or doubts they have. The students will have the chance to talk one on one with foreign students from the universities and help them feel more comfortable and excited about it.

Before arriving in Korea, please stop by your study abroad office and ask to pick up some promotional brochures and anything that would be helpful in the Global Fair – brochures, freebies, handouts. If you don’t have any space in your luggage for materials, don’t fret, you can get the Office of International Affairs to print some materials or have them sent to Korea by post.


This year we held the Global Fair in Fall 2016, October 6th and it was quite a success!! Our theme was TOUCH THE WORLD! Click this link to see more pictures.

Here, we’ve asked some Chung-Ang University students that attended the event to let us know what they think about the Global Fair. Read below to see what they think!

Q: What did you think of the Global Fair? Was it helpful for you? Were you interested in going abroad beforehand?

Seok Donghyun : “I was actually not aware of the global fair. I was just passing by and ended up talking with an exchange student from there. She was so kind, she informed me on her university and gave me a brochure. I was quite surprise to see that the brochure was also in Korean. There were many universities from many countries there. I believe this fair is a good fair to those that are planning to study abroad.”

Kim Kwon Young: “I went to Global Fair to kill time between classes but it was very useful and fun. I could meet lots of exchange students from all over the world and listen to story about their school. I realize that all the schools have their own distinct characteristic even if they are from the same country. I might not know this if I didn’t participate the Global Fair. It was also useful that I could listen to the candid story of many exchange students’ life from the people who have already been to other country for exchange student. Actually I was uncertain about going to another university as a exchange student but through the Global Fair, I believe I could have a definite plan. Thank you for all the students and staffs who made an effort to open this kind of event!!”

Jeon Young Ran: “The global fair was very helpful because I’m considering studying abroad now, but didn’t know where to get the information, especially to the school I’m applying to. I googled it before, and it was not that satisfying because it didn’t seem very valid for me in that it was only written by the school office. It was a great opportunity to meet students from the school that I had wanted to go to, and also meet students who have studied there. Most of them were so nice, and very eager to help encourage and persuade me about how great their school is.”

Click here to watch a video of the Global Fair!


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