Transportation Outside of Seoul

Already done exploring Seoul? Or just want to get away from the city life? With trains and express buses, you can! South Korea has some of the most affordable and efficient transportation in the world. You can easily travel across the country in a measly three hours!


One of the most convenient way to travel to cities in South Korea is by using the many Korean trains operated by Korail. Always on time and the fastest option to travel across South Korea. There are many options of trains you can take. The Korea Train Express or KTX is South Korea’s newest and most expensive option (but it’s not even that expensive!).

The Korail also offers special tourist trains that allows for sightseeing, as well as taking you to popular attractions and landmarks outside of Seoul.

It’s recommended that you book tickets a week or two in advanced if you plan on traveling during holidays, as those days are usually booked up fast.

Booking a ticket a very easy, just remember to bring your passport to pick up the tickets.

However, if you’re thinking on going on an cross country adventure across South Korea, it’s recommended that you grab a Korail Pass. A Korail pass is a special ticket exclusively for foreigners that allows unlimited travel using any of the trains provided by Korail. You can either get a consecutive day(s) pass or a flexible pass that you can choose to use whenever within the 10 days period after redeeming your pass.

Express Bus

Buses are a very popular method of transportation for Koreans. They are known for being inexpensive and have an extensive network of destinations. If you’re traveling in a group, it’s recommended that you book your ticket in advance as these buses usually get filled up as it’s closer to the departure time. However, if you’re traveling by yourself, then you should have no problem booking a ticket a few hours in advance at the station as long as it’s not a holiday.

Booking a ticket for Express buses is a lot different than for Korail, for one sole reason. The website is only in Korean. But this guide will hopefully help you in booking your ticket!

First you’ll want to access the Kobus website
You can use this link:
to help you plan your trip but to make a reservation, you must do it on their Korean site.

출발지is the departure station. 도착지 is the arrival station. 출발일시 is the date and time you plan on leaving. 등급 is the bus type. Select the number of adults under 어른.
You’ll most likely be using 서울경부[010] 

제목 없음3.png

For the bus types, there are 3 types you can pick. Each bus varies in price with the only difference being the type of seats the bus has. Also note that buses traveling over night are a little more expensive. If you don’t have any in mind or wish to see all available ones, just keep it on the default 전체등급 for all types.

일반고속 우등고속 프리미엄
Standard Express Superior Premium

On the next page, you’ll select where you wish to sit.

제목 없음.png

제목 없음2.png

Click 개인정보 수집에 위와 같이 동의합니다. Saying you agree to the terms and agreements.

For the payment make sure you use a Korean Card, I found hard to use my international credit card. Keep 카드종류 (Card type) on the default setting 일반 (Normal). Then fill out the 카드번호 입력(Card Number) and 카드 유효기간 (Expiration date). For 주민번호앞자리(생년월일) put your birth date in the format of YYMMDD.

Remember to bring your card that you used for the online payment to the station. There, you will go to a machine that will require you to swipe your card and it’ll dispense your tickets.

Now you’re all set! Bon voyage!

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