Learn Korean Online with CAU Library

Learning Korean? Class going too slow or want some extra practice? I bet you didn’t know that the CAU library page provides online lectures on learning Korean, both in English and Chinese! Best part is? It’s free! 

Before showing you these online lectures, I just want you to know the many other resources provided for you by CAU such as the CAU Language Program. You can check out our Winter Survival Guide for more information on that!

So how do you access these online lectures?

First, you’ll need to visit the CAU library page. Just click this link: http://library.cau.ac.kr/index.ax. easy right?

This page will come up.

blog pic 2.png

What you’ll want to do is move your cursor over 전자자료검색. Then click on 동영상강의 as shown on the image above.

You’ll be redirected to this page.

blog pic 1.png

Click on 한국어학당(외국인을 위한 한국어)’s  URL as shown in the image above.

blog pic 3.png

Here you can see the many levels you can take. If you click on the courses, it’ll provide you a lesson summary and what you expect to learn.  There’s also different types of learning materials such as worksheets and MP3 files.

Good luck and have fun learning Korean. 파이팅!

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