Events held by the Dormitory

NOTE: Discontinued temporarily due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation

Living in the dorms will give you some pretty cool opportunities to get to experience the Korean culture, create a better bond with your roommate and also get to know Korean students in an easier way! And if you are worried about the prices for this–it’s FOR FREE! Many students tend to forget that these events are available, but it’s highly recommend that if you live in the dorm, that you should take advantage of these events. Also look out for programs such as gym classes and English courses which are available for dorm students but they do have a small fee for the whole semester.

Cultural Exchange Program:


This program occurs every semester so if you are here for a year, you have the opportunity to do it twice. The activity period for this is about 2 months.

This purpose of this program is about giving international students and Korean students a chance to make friends from different backgrounds. They learn about each other’s culture and bond with each other throughout the semester. The best part about this program is they provide you money to go out and explore Seoul and hangout outside of campus!

How it works?

They accept up to 15 groups, that includes about 6-8 people. When applying for it, make sure your group has an equal amount of Korean students and international students. This means if there is 3 Korean students, there must be 3 international students. A ratio of 1:1.

Orientation is MANDATORY to go and also you will have to attend the final meeting which is also MANDATORY and it includes a presentation of your overall experience with your group.

Funding for each team:

100,000 won + (50,000 won x per person) = TOTAL FUNDING

Temple Stay:

It is about a 2 night and 3 day stay at a temple and students get the opportunity to experience the Buddhist Culture here in Korea. This program is held on a weekend and is also available once every semester. This is a great way to get away from the city life and see what it is like to and enjoy and experience what Buddhist practitioners do at the temple.

For more information, please check out the official website.

Roommate Program:

This program is to help you get to know your roommate better and encourages both of you to go out and hang out off campus and create a great relationship.

How it works?

  • Pick up an application with your roomie and both of you will have to write 3 compliments about each other as part of the application process and hand it in to the dormitory manager.
  • They will then provide you with a gift card in which you will be able to go out spend quality time with your roommate.
  • At the end of the semester, both of you will have to hand in a paper on your experiences, and what you did with your roommate and attach pictures and receipt with it.

Sports Program:

If you didn’t know, dormitory students can use the fitness room for free. International students can ONLY access the gym that is in 308 but you will have to access it by going outside of the cafeteria door and it is on the left side. Your room card is necessary to use when entering. If you want actual classes, the dormitory do provide it. The classes they have are Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Badminton, and Taekwondo. They talk about it during dormitory orientation, so keep your ears out because you have to sign up in the beginning of each semester.

Cost? 30,000 won per course for a semester

English Program:

Courses to help non-native English speaker to enhance their English ability. Like most of the programs here, you have to apply for this program early in the semester. There is a fee.

How it works?

You apply for a total of three courses. They have different type of classes so you can pick and choose which one you are most interested in. There is a form you will have to fill out and turn in with the money.

Cost? 30,000 won per semester

Check out these events! It’s a great way to make a new friends that are from different countries or locals that are from Korea. There is no specific date on these programs because it changes every semester, but are usually posted in the dormitory board. Please talk to your floor manager or the management office located in 309 on the second floor for any more questions.

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