Phone Services in South Korea

Amongst all the hassle in getting ready for your study abroad and settling down in a foreign country, being able to keep in contact with someone when you’ve just arrived is all you want at the moment. Besides that, having a phone plan in your daily life here could also be quite useful. So it comes down to how you’ll be able to contact people. Of course, like many airports around the world, Incheon International Airport has some free Wi-Fi in which you will be able to connect to. But if you’re like me, and prefer to have a faster connection without needing to worry about being within the Wi-Fi coverage, there are alternative options for you during the first few hours of arrival.

The arrival area in Incheon Airport has many are filled with stores and restaurants. Among them, you will be able to find booths that says “phone rental” and so forth. They are usually located near exit areas. The company that I was able to find was called KT, or sometimes Olleh. Other companies may include SKT or LG U+. The booth would look something like this:


For KT, the SIM Cards they offer are quite limited at the booth, at least based on my experience. They offered SIM Cards for either Voice & Call service, or Data Service – not both. These are just temporary SIMs, so depending on the duration of the plan you chose, it would terminate after that duration. They have options for 5 days, 10 days or 30 days. These are the rates:

Pc 2.jpg

Besides that, another way you could do this is by reserving or ordering a SIM online and have it delivered your dorm here in CAU. Or you could set it as a pick-up at the Incheon Airport. This way, you will be able to select the plan you want and have it all ready for you once you arrive. For more information, and to make your reservation, visit for KT service plans or for SKT service plans.

While getting your short-term SIM, you will need to have your passport. Also, if you are looking for a longer term phone plan, you can visit any phone service stores near campus. Depending on the brand or outlet, they may require either your passport or they may require your Alien Card Registration, which you will not have yet within the first few weeks in Korea. Here are some rates and plans that SKT offer but may not be restricted to these.

SK Telecom

Pc 3.jpg

pc 4.jpg

Some things you might want to keep in mind when getting your SIM Card is whether or not your phone from your home country is locked or unlocked. If it is a locked phone, be sure to call your service provider regarding your plans or search for alternatives. Some Korean service providers may have plans that include phone rentals, though these may cost more. I also know of some students who never get a SIM card or phone plan and are willing to rely on public Wi-Fi. Many public areas do have free Wi-Fi, however, they may be weak or unreliable. But if staying connected to the Internet isn’t that big of an importance to you, then you shouldn’t have a problem!

Here are some useful links to other brand options or methods of obtaining your phone service:

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