Breakfast on campus

It’s 8:00 AM and you’ve got only an hour to get ready for your 9:00 AM class. Thankfully, at CAU, there’s rarely a time a delicious, fulfilling breakfast isn’t at your fingertips, or at the most a short walk away from you. Korean breakfast in the cafeteria just isn’t cutting it out for you? Don’t want convenience store food again? Then here’s some spots that will keep your stomach from growling all morning and making that early morning class even more uncomfortable than it needs to be.

Korea is obsessed with Coffee and Cafes. CAU is littered with coffee shops, all with strengths and weaknesses. They are all delicious, with the main difference between them being location. They are all incredibly convenient locations and have awesome food and beverages.

Keep in mind that in almost every cafe in South Korea, you are to order one drink per person if you wish to sit in their store.

Appendix Cafe

First up is the hidden gem, Appendix Cafe. This place is gold.  I’ve been told that this place is “one of the most famous coffee shop on campus” You won’t see very many foreign students in here, as it is seemingly hard to find and a little daunting at first. Just look for the stairs going downward right across the E-Lounge! You can order freshly toasted bakery items and enjoy it in the surprisingly up-lifting atmosphere of the cafe. It’s located in the back of 106.

Cafe W


Cafe W is hands down the most convenient option of any  of the cafes on campus if you live in the dorms. Just walk down to floor B1 of Blue Mir Hall (building 308) right across from the cafeteria. If you are in a pinch for coffee, literally all of their options are tasty and reasonably priced. If you want a filling drink, opt in for the a 요거트프라페 (yo-geo-teu-peu-ra-pe – sounds like ‘yogurt frappe’). They come in citron, strawberry, blueberry, and java chip, they’ve got a yogurt base and if you order a large, you will be full for a while. Another favorite from Cafe W are their macarons and their oh-so-yummy toasted bagels. Arguably the best characteristic about this cafe (besides the convenience) is the music: my friends and I always have our music finding apps ready whenever we come here. Most likely, there’s a chance an amazing song plays through the speakers that will give you a great boost to your morning routine. You can enjoy both the delicious treats and music in the sitting areas inside and outside of the cafe.




BluePot is a jewel of a cafe that not many are fortunate to find due to its location, which happens to be right below building 102. Its neighbors are McDonald’s, Tou Les Jours or Woori Bank and is often  missed as people rush into one of these establishments . While it is father trek from the dormitories its located near the Front Gate, which is heavily populated site. The cafe has an amazing aura and is a spectacular place to have study sessions. BluePot not only offers coffee, but boasts a variety of other drinks, such as juices and other carbonated or non-carbonated citrus flavored beverages. They even serve smoothies! I highly recommend the strawberry flavored smoothie. More often than not, BluePot is thriving with customers as there is a nearby court that is heavily frequented, thus it is the perfect place to meet new people and perhaps new friends!


Here’s what’s on the menu:

 Coffee Ade & Juices
EspressoAde (Lemon/Cherry/Grapefruit/Greengrape)
AmericanoBlue Lemon Ade
Special BlendingHanrabong Premium Ade
HazelnutFruit Juice

(Strawberry/Banana Juice/ChocoBanana/Tomato)

Cafe LatteStrawberry&Banana Juice/ Kiwi&Banana Juice/ Choco&Banana Juice
CappuccinoIce Beverages 
Vanilla/Caramel/Hazelnut LatteYogurt Smoothie


Dark/ White/ Caramel MochaBubble Tea (Milk/Taro/Strawberry/Cherry)
Caramel Macchiato
Add shot, Syrup, Bubble, Whipping
Tea LatteTea
Chocolate Latte (Dark/White)Green-Tea
Green-tea/Sweet-potato LatteOrganic Herb Tea


Milk-tea LatteBlack Tea

(English Breakfast/Earl Grey/Darjeeling)

Cereal LatteIced- Tea (Lemon/Peach)
Mint Chocolate LatteCitron Tea  *  Grapefruit Tea * Lemon Tea
Vanilla Latte 

Other Cafes:

There are so many cafes on campus that both my stomach and wallet are unable to visit all of them. So here are some locations in buildings on campus that you can visit yourself if you’re feeling adventurous or looking for that perfect Iced Americano.

310 – Floor 1

303 – Floor 6

301 – Floor 1

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