Welcome to English & French Lounge!

NOTE: Discontinued temporarily due to Covid-19 Pandemic situation.

Do you want to learn and improve both your English speaking and writing abilities? Have you ever thought of learning another language, for example, French?

Well, welcome to English/French Lounge! This is just the place for you to improve your English abilities and learn French!

“Hello! How are you?” and in French “Bonjour, comment ça va?” Au revoir (Goodbye!), Je m’appelle  (name)  (My name is ____), J’ai  (age) ans ( I am ___ years old.), Ou sont les toilettes? (Where is the bathroom?), Tres bien! (Very good!), Sante! (Cheers!), Tu es belle! (You’re beautiful!), Mignonne (Cute), Delicieux! (Delicious!), Je t’ aime. (I love you), etc. These are just some words and phrases that you might want to learn! Interesting right?

The English/French Lounge is also known as E-Lounge (English Lounge) and F-Lounge (French Lounge). In E/F Lounge, students meet and interact with each other by having a conversation and playing games. Students can ask whatever question(s) they have to any of the tutors! Tutors can also help you with your homework or research papers if you need someone to translate or proofread in English or French.

The most interesting thing that can happen in E/F lounge is that you will be able to make friends with Korean students!


Whether you are an Exchange Student, International Student, or a Korean Student, everyone is welcome! Make sure to bring your friends too!  Did you know that other Exchange Students also volunteer to help the tutors too? Pretty cool, right?

The English/French Lounge is located at the CAU Central Library (Building 204) 2nd Floor. English and French tutors are all native to these languages. So if you have any questions you can always come and talk to them!

CAU Central Library, Building 204

The English Lounge is open from Monday-Friday at 10AM-6PM.

The French Lounge is open from Tuesday/Thursday/Friday at 1200PM-2PM.

Let’s find out what the English and French tutors and some Korean students said about E/F Lounge!

Corentin Evanno (Paris, France) from Epitech. Exchange Student from Fall 2015-Spring 2016 program.

“My name is Corentin and this is my 2nd semester in F-Lounge. Working in F-Lounge is a great thing for me because it allows me to share the culture and the language of France with Korean students. I really like to help people in general so it’s a very good opportunity for me. What I also like about this job is I meet many Koreans who have a different mentality compared to France and Western countries so I learned a lot about Korean culture and how Koreans see their society.”

Michelle Lee (California, USA) from San Francisco State University, an Exchange Student from Fall 2015-Spring 2016 program.

“Being an English tutor can be both challenging and rewarding because it tests your patience in bringing out the best in your students, but at the same time will make you feel satisfied that you were able to help people improve themselves. Whenever I get thank you’s or comments like “You really saved me” or “This was so helpful”, I get a deep sense of reward as a tutor. E-Lounge especially helps me help others, as well as get to know new people without pressure or worry. It’s an unrivaled experience.”

Kuuleinani Lee (Hawai’i, USA) from University of Hawai’i at Manoa; Spring 2016 semester Exchange Student program.

“Being an English tutor is an honor and a privilege. I enjoy helping students become better English speakers and develop other speech skills they will need for the future. As a tutor I can be part of their learning journey but also be part of their personal development and realizations. There are times when students have a difficult time expressing themselves. However, with patience and giving them encouragement, the students gain more self-esteem and a better understanding of English language and the culture behind it. Seeing students succeed, but also knowing that they are gaining more confidence in their abilities gives me a deep sense of purpose.”

Yi Yujeong, Korean student who is double majoring in Engish Education and Management.

“When I was a freshman, I visited E-Lounge for the first time. Actually, the main reason why I went to E-Lounge was I wanted to communicate with foreign students and improve my English ability. However, there were relatively huge numbers of male tutors along with other Korean students (LOL). Although, there wasn’t enough time for me to talk, I had a great time because I learned about other cultures and experienced it indirectly. Also, it was great to play games with all the tutors and other students.”

Kim Jae Ho, Korean student who is majoring in Theatre Production.

“E-lounge is a very great place, especially for me. It improved my English speaking ability and gave me a great experience to have conversations with friends from another culture. I hope other students will also visit E-Lounge.”

Here’s a link for the Spring 2016 E/F-Lounge Introduction Video: https://www.facebook.com/cauglam/videos/1194071613951484/

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