CAU Blue Mir Hall

As an upcoming Exchange Student, we were all once worried about living in the dormitory at CAU. “What is it like to live at the dorm? Expectations? Etc.” I bet we all thought of these questions before coming to CAU. Now you don’t have to worry! I got you!

The Blue Mir Hall dormitory is the most advanced and amongst the best university dormitories in Korea. It is one of the newest landmarks of Chung-Ang University.


The construction of the first building of Blue Mir Hall, Building 308, was started in the year 2007 and completed last August 2010. Two years later, they decided to build a second building and it is now known as Building 309. The construction began last October 2012 and was just recently completed last year February 2015. Blue Mir Building 308 is a 15-story building with 2 lower ground floors while Building 309 is a 14-story building.

Some reminders about the CAU Blue Mir Hall Dormitory:

  • Dormitory Gate closes at 1:00 am and opens at 5:00 am
  • Prohibited items in the dormitory include: gas stove, flammable material, alcohol, etc.
  • Keep the room clean!

Find out what Exchange Students said about the Blue Mir Hall!


Michie Xiong, who is from Minnesota State University, Moorhead who attended CAU as an Exchange Student last Fall 2015 semester.


“The food in both cafeterias was good. There is a great open space lobby area for students to get together and I loved that there were convenience stores on lower level as well as a café. The free laundry detergent is the best! The gym on the lower level was very convenient. The most interesting and unique way of getting into the dorms was scanning your wrist and key card access into the room which was nice and convenient. The rooms also offered AC and heated floors”.






Jonathan Trieu from EPITECH, an Exchange Student for two-semesters program, Fall 2015-Spring 2016.



“The room is good and it is big enough for two people to live. Living in the dormitory is good because all the classes are near by. We have a convenience store, fitness room and a lounge to chill which is very nice. Furthermore, there is a lot of people so it really feels like it’s always lively”.






Tom van Os from HZ University of Applied Science, an Exchange Student for Spring 2016 semester


“The dormitory is a fine place to stay during your study at Chung-Ang University. It’s cheap and the rooms are decent enough for college students. The biggest reason to stay at the dorm is because it is very convenient. You will make ton of friends and the dorms is a great place to meet up. There is a small shop (“convenience store”) in the dorm for basic needs. In the cafeteria, you can easily get cheap food. There is a lounge where you can study or connect your laptop to the TV to watch movies. There is even a small gym. Although the rules in the dorm are rather strict some of the guards are


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